Tobias Gedell
I am a senior developer who loves to dance Balboa!
About me

I live in Gothenburg, Sweden, and love to dance Balboa! If you happen to be visiting the city you are more than welcome to come by and visit our great dance club, West Coast Jitterbugs.

When I'm not dancing I currently work in the Core team at Speeledger where I do backend programming in Java and Scala and frontend programming in React and Next.js.

Before joining Speedledger, I worked in the Quantitative Strategies group at Credit Suisse, mainly working with Haskell and F#, and at the research startup QuivQ, where most of my work was done in Erlang and JS/jQuery.

I have a strong interest in logic and programming languages which led me to get a PhD in Computer Science at Chalmers University of Technology where my research focused on analysis and verification of programs and how they can be combined. You can find my PhD thesis together with some of my other publications below.


You can find some of the talks I have given about my work here:

Plugins for Structural Weakening and Strong Updates
Tobias Gedell, Daniel Hedin
Technical Report 2008:13
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
Abstract Interpretation Plugins for Type Systems
Tobias Gedell, Daniel Hedin
Tobias Gedell, Daniel Hedin
12th International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology
Springer-Verlag, LNCS 5140, 2008
Verification by Parallelization of Parametric Code
Tobias Gedell, Reiner Hähnle
Algebraic and Proof-theoretic Aspects of Non-classical Logics Essays
in honour of Professor Daniele Mundici on occasion of his 60th birthday
Springer-Verlag, LNCS 4460, 2007
Polymorphism, Subtyping, Whole Program Analysis and Accurate Data Types in Usage Analysis
Tobias Gedell, Jörgen Gustavsson, Josef Svenningsson
The Fourth ASIAN Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems
Springer-Verlag, LNCS 4279, 2006
Automating Verification of Loops by Parallelization
Tobias Gedell, Reiner Hähnle
13th International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning
Springer-Verlag, LNCS 4246, 2006
Embedding Static Analysis into Tableaux and Sequent based Frameworks
Tobias Gedell
14th International Conference on Automated Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods
Springer-Verlag, LNCS 3702, 2005
Combining and Strengthening Program Analysis and Verification
Tobias Gedell
PhD Thesis
ISBN 978-91-7385-158-9
Technical Report 42D, ISSN 0346-718X
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology, 2008
Static Analysis and Deductive Verification of Programs
Tobias Gedell
Licentiate thesis
Technical Report no. 15L, ISSN 1652-876X
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology, 2006
A Case Study on the Scalability of a Constraint Solving Algorithm: Polymorphic Usage Analysis with Subtyping
Tobias Gedell
Master's thesis
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology, 2003